Monovi TMS is an innovative e-Logistics solution for land transportation. It helps manufacturers, retailers, logistics companies and brokers to manage daily transportation operations via web application. Biggest advantage is to allow taking control of transport invoices and costs of your daily logistics operation.

Monovi TMS has two versions;

  • Marketplace edition: Can be seen a sample application here at www.yukumyolda.com.  This edition is best for e-logistics startups who are looking a web based software to manage daily transport requests, finding trucks from daily market and bidding for logistics projects and daily transportation. A lot more services can be provided via Monovi TMS solution.
  • Private edition: If you need e-logistics/land transportatğion management system, Monovi TMS is just for you! We install TMS on your servers and configure it within days. Customization on the software is also possible on demand. In this edition, we develop integration with your other software systems for an operation excellence and straight forward working, minimizing chaotic phone calls and email messages.

Both Monovi, TMS editions provide basic and custom reports that will help you to monitor the operations and manage the invoices and transportation operation costs are under control.