EiB – Corporate Communication App

We recently developed and published a corporate notification and announcement app for EİB (Aegean Exporters’ Associations) . It’s been innovated to replace SMS and email newsletters for corporate communication. It helped a lot to improve communication between EİB and its 5000+ corporate members, plus the public. The app can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play Store.

The app has been integrated with EiB internal notification system to allow one-channel communication automation.

The mobile app users can filter the preferred message types and setup easily push notification alerts. This enables users to get mobile push notification messages whenever a new message has been posted by EİB that fits to the user’s message filter criteria.

Built-in data analysis with statistical chart views has been developed to monitor the effectiveness of the communication messages.

It is also possible to crteate special groups for custom/private events such as trade exhibition organizations for special groups, meetings, training events etc. And mobile messages are privately sent to the members of these special groups. Feedback questions can be asked to the group members, enabling to provide their answers easily by just one push. The answers are reported to the group owner who created the group on administration web app.




B2C / P2P / Social

Alerkon – Personal Allergy Care App

Alerkon is personal health care solution of Monovi, targeting people who suffer from airborne pollen allergy. Mobile app allows users to manage and monitor usage of their drugs, set alarms for drug usage, daily life quality logging based on allergy symptoms. System allows users to alert if a pollen attack is potentially available at her living area, using the personal allergy test results. The system is under development. As a complementary, IoT/MTM bases tehnology is under development. This technology is aiming to design and build an instrument that collects airborne pollen from the field that will be analyzed at the laboratory for special research applications. Raspberry Pi is used to develop the equipment management with several sensors, such as humidity and thermometer, connected.