At Monovi we have 15+ years manufacturing business knowledge especially in tobacco industry.
Providing the consultancy including SAP ERP system. Our ERP consultants have a great experience more than 10 years working at international corporates.
We also help companies developing their custom software solutions that fit their requirements that off-the-shelf products can’t.


Providing E-Logistics and Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions primarily for manufacturing, logistics and retail industries.
Manage your transportation processes using our TMS software and take control of your invoices and shipment operation costs. It let’s you monitor and trace transportation of your goods, from warehouse shipment to delivery. Visit the marketplace edition at Monovi TMS software can be installed on your own servers for internal use. You can also let your logistics partners to access TMS to improve collaboration by reducing chaotic phone call and email communications.


Providing mobile app solutions for corporate communications.Our new Monovi Communicator app is used by corporates and associations such as Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Exporters’ Association, Istanbul Apparel Experters’ Association and soon by Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Monovi Communicator helps you to communicate with your audience (members, public, employees etc.) directly via their mobile phones and increases productivity as well as reducing communication costs.


Developing custom Business Process Management (BPM) solutions based on IBM BPM product for corporates. BPM solutions can be considered as a cost-effective alternative or complementary system to expensive ERP investments especially for manufacturing industries. Let’s talk about your corporate needs to standardize business processes and help to close management gaps on controlling and reporting.


Product traceability solutions has an increasing demand in the world and at Monovi we are experienced on Track&Trace (T&T) technology especially in Tobacco Industry where the T&T technology is the most advanced and legally required in Europe, Russia, Turkey and many other countries. Our IT experts in Monovi has more than 9 years of experience in this area and we can provide you consultancy and software/automation solutions not limited to tobacco companies.


Our information technology experts will be glad to meet with you to talk about your business requirements and projects.

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