Why Remote IT Staffing?

Body shopping is the practice of sub-contracting skilled information technology workers from other IT companies on short-term bases.

IT projects usually create the need for additional skilled people resources. Technical expertise can be hard to come by and companies face challenges not only in finding this expertise, but also in retaining skilled, experienced professionals that can effectively deliver IT services.

Within the ever-changing dynamics of the business world, body shopping provides a fresh strategic approach to flexible resourcing, which can enable organisations to meet their staffing requirements, while keeping hiring and operational costs to a minimum.

Body shopping enables companies to access skilled individual IT professionals or a team of professionals to work remotely or on the business’s premises, in conjunction with its existing team. This approach helps to close gaps of staff shortages or critical technology skills gaps within the company on a short or longer-term basis.



What we offer?

Monovi can provide you body shopping services for remote IT staffing/sub-contracting to your IT projects and operations.

We can provide you of skilled, junior or senior level IT resources in the following areas;

  • Software Developer (.Net, Java or open source) 
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Tester
  • Frontend Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Software Support Specialist
  • SAP ECC or HANA  Consultant

Tell us your requirement of people skills, we’ll be glad to offer you resources with alternatives.


Location and time

Working location of people resources is Monovi offices in İzmir/Turkey.

Normal business hours: 08:00 – 17:00 CET. However, working hours are flexible and can be fit to your own working hours in order to work in parallel.

We can also provide you people resources for software support during business hours or 7/24 basis


Advantages of Body Shopping with Monovi

  • Competitive hiring cost; compared to hiring resources at your company
  • Accessing skilled IT talents; we are based in campus of İzmir Technical University (IZTECH) where 200+ other IT companies are also located.
  • Good location; short travel hours to Europe and MENA countries
  • Flexible working hours; to fit your time zone and working hours of your team/organization.
  • Flexible hiring period; hire resources for short-term or long-term, for projects or for ongoing support business.
  • Support from other Monovi experts; the resource you hired is not alone. He/she can get technical support and even training from other Monovi IT experts when necessary.
  • No payrol management needed; you will not managing the payrol and other legal paperworks in your country. You will only receive invoices on monthly basis from Monovi for the services provided.

Rate Card

Please contact us for the body shopping rate card for skills you need.

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